Zoncoalitie is the independent platform for the advice and development of solar power projects on commercial and industrial real estate. But how was this platform established?

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“Vereniging de Zoncoalitie” was initiated in 2016 by the City of Amsterdam and the grid company Alliander, under the flag of Amsterdam Smart City. and the grid company Alliander, under the flag of Amsterdam Smart City. The objective of the association was and still is to stimulate the market for solar energy, in order to contribute to the energy transition. As the association’s arm’s length partner, Zoncoalitie itself was established in 2017. Its aim is to provide real estate owners with an independent platform about the possibilities and benefits of solar power.


The consultants at Zoncoalitie are completely independent and not affiliated with the members of the association. They provide subsidy applications, give independent advice on the choice of the deal structure, and carry out technical feasibility studies. This results in a project report from which solar energy providers can submit tenders (offers). These offers are consistent with one another. The real estate owner can then choose the most suitable provider from the comparable offers. The real estate owner can also nominate their own providers, in addition to the members of the association, who are always given the opportunity to submit an offer.


Zoncoalitie focuses on roofs greater than 500m2 with a high-voltage connection, often owned by real estate investors or funds.

Zoncoalitie: the independent platform

Zoncoalitie has developed into the independent platform for the advice and development of solar power projects on commercial and industrial real estate. We help companies with large roofs, real estate funds and municipalities throughout the Netherlands to develop solar power.


“Vereniging de Zoncoalitie”has grown to 24 members. These are installers and developers of solar energy on real estate with the high quality marks and good reputations. Tenders are only requested from members when the roofs are suitable for the installation of solar panels. In addition, the tenders are competitive. The supplier has no sales costs because all the preliminary work has already been completed. A win-win situation for both the solar provider and the property owner.


In addition to Vereniging de Zoncoalitie, the independent platform of Zoncoalitie consists of partners with which Zoncoalitie cooperates. These partners have expertise in specific areas of solar projects, such as financing, taxation, property valuations, legal and/or technical aspects. The combined expertise of these partners enables Zoncoalitie to provide real estate owners with independent and complete information about the various possibilities and benefits of solar power.

Why an independent platform

The Netherlands is one of 197 countries that signed the Paris Climate Agreement. In this agreement we commit ourselves to a reduction of 20.2 Mton of CO2 emissions in 2030, compared to 1990. This is a reduction of almost 50%. To achieve this, we will have to increase renewable energy production by a factor of five over the next five years.


The Dutch government is committed to several forms of renewable energy using the SDE+ subsidy. Solar panels on real estate can have an advantage over onshore wind farms and large-scale solar meadows (source: Novi). There is sufficient potential as well: the Netherlands has 892 km² of suitable roof surface area for solar energy. This makes it possible to supply almost half of all households in the Netherlands with renewable electricity. (source: Deloitte). And there is room for improvement: in the Netherlands there are more than 37,000 buildings with a roof surface area larger than 1,000 m2, of which only 7% has been used with solar panels!


Over the past ten years, 2 GW of solar systems have been installed in the Netherlands. 13 GW are expected in the next five years (source: Wood MacKenzie). There will be enormous growth with many new entrants such as developers and installers. Independent advice and development of solar power projects is therefore not a luxury.

What we do

Companies want to become more sustainable, and generating solar energy is often a logical first step. The roof is already there. In addition to the obvious societal return, there is also a financial return. Partly thanks to the SDE+ subsidies made available, the profitability of solar panels on real estate is almost always positive (source: Cushman & Wakefield). This makes it an interesting add-on investment for real estate investors. In addition, there are better rental possibilities, higher rental income, higher occupancy rate, better refinancing possibilities and improved BREEAM and/or energy labeling. Enough reasons to install solar panels, you might say, but why isn’t every suitable roof full yet?


The realization of a solar power project can be a complex and time-consuming process: the reason why many opportunities remain unused. There is a lot to consider: financing, technical, legal, practical. People are busy and don’t have the expertise or time to ask the market themselves, find compare quotations, or coordinate the project. Real estate owners benefit from a party that develops a solar power project on the basis of their wishes and priorities: Zoncoalitie optimizes on the basis of the wishes of the real estate owner.

We provide:

SDE+ Subsidy application

 Technical feasibility studies

Comparable and competitive offers

We advise on:

Choice of deal structure


Legal and tax

Advantages of this approach are:

  • Independent advice: Zoncoalitie has no interest in a specific form of deal structure or provider and understands which financial, legal and tax criteria are important.


  • Higher success ratio: Zoncoalitie keeps an eye on the timelines in order to complete the project reporting and the matching procedure in a timely manner (also with a view to SDEs that may expire).


  • Lower costs: Dat het voorwerk correct is gedaan, in één keer voor alle aanbieders, scheelt geld en tijd. Door de onderhandse aanbesteding zijn offertes concurrerend en beter te vergelijken.


  • Making an informed choice: Clear and consistent quotations enable the roof owner to make a well-informed decision to realize a solar power project.