With the Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energieproductie (SDE ++) subsidy, the Dutch government promotes the generation of sustainable energy. Companies that will produce their own sustainable energy are eligible for this subsidy. Zoncoalitie can include you in the subsidy application process. We can also support you if you have already made the step with the application (SDE possessor: here you can find more information). Be there on time! This subsidy will greatly improve the cost-benefit analysis of an investment in solar panels.

Renewed SDE ++ subsidy

The government sets the budget for SDE subsidy. Since 2019, the government has reduced the subsidy available (see figure). Subsidies are also going to change: the next round will be the last in the current form. The SDE+ will be renamed SDE++ (Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energietransitie). This means that the subsidy budget will have to be divided among more sustainability initiatives. This means that less money will be available to finance solar power projects. As a result, the government will set more specific requirements per installation in order to have a chance of obtaining a subsidy. The subsidy will also be granted in one round per year instead of two.

Overheidsbudget SDE+

Upcoming SDE round

The timelines for solar projects can take a long time. For an SDE+ subsidy application a construction plan has to be created and depending on the size, a feasibility study is carried out. The next deadline for SDE+ application is:

Don’t take risks and apply for the subsidy on time!

Zoncoalitie can help you with this.

SDE+ Checklist

When applying for an SDE+ subsidy you need to have a number of documents on hand. So, in order to speed up the application process, Zoncoalitie has drawn up the SDE+ Checklist specifically for the real estate owner.

1. The correcte adress

Make sure that the supplied list of objects contains at least the following parameters:

# | Street name | House number | Postal code | City

* Cadastral indications are also accepted.


2. The type of connection

In some cases several addresses are known on properties, we are looking for the address that is known to have a large power supply there (meter container).

In order to apply for the subsidy, a large-scale connection is required, at this stage it is good to know what the connection value is, and where this connection is located.


3. The relevant roof surfaces

In order to make a layout plan of the location, it is important that we use the correct roof surfaces of the location, therefore we would like to receive the following information:

  • The roof surface in question is marked/indicated.
  • If necessary, the location of the network connection..


Objects under construction:

If the building is not yet visible on the usual mapping systems because it is still under construction, then construction drawings are needed to determine the laying plans.

Note: If the building is to be built, or is under construction, an environmental permit must be sent to the owner.


4. A permit and permission of location owner

In order to finally submit the application, we need a fully completed authorization.

If the applicant who authorizes us is not the owner, a completed form with the permission of the owner of the location must be enclosed.

Zoncoalitie helps with the subsidy application

In order to make optimal use of the SDE+ subsidy possibilities for your real estate, it is beneficial to submit an application now. In this way, your return on investment will remain the highest. We will gladly help you with this! Zoncoalitie ensures that your subsidy application runs smoothly, makes a technical feasibility study and provides independent advice on the choice of the deal structure. We will also help you with the financial, legal and tax issues. We present the various options – you choose. Read more about our process hier.

Are you interested in applying for an SDE subsidy? Then don’t wait any longer! Then download the authorisation form and send it completed back to info@zoncoalitie.nl. We always apply for the subsidy in the name of the property owner, unless explicitly requested otherwise


Do you have any questions or interest?

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