Do you already have an SDE + subsidy?

Then there is no time to lose!


The Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie (SDE +) subsidy is for large commercial users of electricity. With this subisdy, the Dutch government promotes the generation of sustainable energy. Companies that are going to produce their own energy are eligible for this subsidy. Do you already have an SDE+ subsidy? Then you have limited time to realize the solar power project. A realized project means that all panels are on the roof and a report has been made to the RVO. On average, this entire project can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

An SDE + subsidy has an expiration date

A granted SDE+ subsidy has an expiration date: the solar project must be completed before this date in order to use the subsidy. If you are too late, you will miss out on the income from the subsidy. Until 2019 it was possible to apply again for a subsidy. However, this no longer applies. The SDE+ subsidy no longer exists. Are you already in possession of an SDE subsidy for your solar project? Then now is the time for action!

Why it is important to have good project preparation

It is important to properly prepare for the installation of solar panels. Things such as the load-bearing capacity of the roof, the possibilities for electrical interconnection, and capacity are all important factors. Roof maintenance also determines to a large extent the starting points and ultimately the yield of the system to be realized. Good preparation prevents problems from occurring at a later stage or even an unforeseen bill. In this way, the turnaround time is optimized!

What to do

The trajectory of a solar project can take a long time. But of course it doesn’t have to! With the right guidance and advice, you can quickly find a suitable provider for your solar power project before the SDE subsidy expires. In this way, the financial return of your solar panels remains the highest. As the independent platform for advice and development of solar power projects, Zoncoalitie is the perfect partner for your project. With an association of over 25 providers of solar energy and a large network of collaborators, we have everything you need for a fast and diligent project.


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Municipality of Amsterdam

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Do you have a property in the Municipality of Amsterdam? Then we have good news.


Zoncoalitie and the City of Amsterdam have joined forces to give real estate owners with large roofs the extra push to go solar. Are you a real estate owner with a large roof in Amsterdam and equipped with an SDE+ subisdy? Then you can request a project preparation from Zoncoalitie at the municipality’s expense! In this way, we stimulate sustainability in the city and no financial costs are neccesary. For more information, please contact us via