Team Zoncoalitie Alex Muhring

Alex Muhring


Alex Muhring is at the head of Zoncoalitie. After more than ten years as a banker in London and as an investor in Eastern Europe, he became passionate about solar energy. Due to his background in the financial sector, he knows what is needed to maximize the return of a solar project for the real estate owner. People often focus on the cost aspect, where Alex finds it inspirational to point out the major cost reductions when realizing solar energy projects. After all, solar energy is generally cheaper than regular (grey) energy and would therefore be considered as such.

Team Zoncoalitie Robert ten Broek

Robert Ten Broek

Operations Director

Robert ten Broek is Operations Director. He previously worked at Ampelmann Operations, where he was responsible for various offshore projects in Europe and South America. He leads the department for feasibility studies and tenders.

Team Zoncoalitie Adriaan Copper

Adriaan Copper

Commercial Directeur

Adriaan Copper is Commercial Director at Zoncoalitie. For more than twelve years he has been active in executive Commodity Finance and Asset Based Finance positions at ABN AMRO and Rabobank in the Netherlands and abroad. As a certified Solar Specialist and Energy Transition Masterclass alumnus at Erasmus University, he has made himself at home in climate and sustainability issues in recent years in order to be able to advise and guide clients in realizing their solar power projects.

Team Zoncoalitie Jasper van Loenhout

Jasper van Loenhout

Project Engineer

Jasper van Loenhout is Project Engineer. He graduated in Sustainable Energy Technology from Delft University of Technology with a background in Technical Business Administration. He brought his experience in the green energy sector to Team Zoncoalitie.

Team Zoncoalitie Teun Doggenaar

Teun Doggenaar

Project Manager

Teun Doggenaar focuses on the Acquisition and Project Reports of each solar project. Furthermore, he is frequently found on the roof for construction research. His background in Civil Engineering is essential in improving the sustainability of real estate. He gets a lot of (sustainable) energy out of assisting customers in this way and to contribute together to the energy transition.

Team Zoncoalitie Merlijn Schippers

Merlijn Schippers

Project Manager

Merlijn Schipper deals with acquisition and project reports. He can often be found in the archive to research construction plans. At the moment he is completing his studies Earth and Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam: here he focuses on renewable energy.

Team Zoncoalitie Pien Spekreijse

Pien Spekreijse

Business Development Manager

Pien Spekreijse is in charge of maintaining the online platforms. She has completed her study Future Planet Studies in the direction of sustainable energy and is in the process of completing the study Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. With this combination of knowledge she would like to contribute to the sustainable energy transition, a subject that is very close to her heart!

Team Zoncoalitie Justing Mulder

Justin Mulder

Project Manager

Justin Mulder graduated from Delft University of Technology with a master’s degree in Systems & Control. Here he was involved in developing a cash-flow forecast method in collaboration with PwC. With his background in Finance, Sales and Technology he is very valuable to the Zoncoalitie Team.

Susan De Grijp

Marketing Manager

Susan de Grijp is Marketing Manager and responsible for communication, partnerships, the further development of the platform. She also is the point of contact for the Association of Zoncoalitie. She has fifteen years of experience in marketing and business development at Google and as a marketing consultant. Susan uses this experience at organizations in Sustainability and Technology to help companies that make a positive contribution continue to grow and professionalize.

Team Zoncoalitie Christian Clem

Christian Clem

Business Development Manager

Christian Clem focuses on business development, strategy and raising capital. He worked for five years at solar startups in the US, where he was in charge of large scale-ups and solar project transactions. Before entering the solar sector, he worked in investments and banking, including at J.P. Morgan. He has an MBA in Finance from the University of Tampa. Christian made a conscious decision to move into renewable energy, as he fundamentally believes in the importance of sustainability and mitigating climate change around the world.

Charlie Groenewegen

Project Manager

Charlie Groenewegen is Project Manager and focuses on developments in the field of renewable energy storage. He is completing the MSc Sustainable Energy Technology at Delft University of Technology. His knowledge about sustainable energy is an important asset to the team.

Joost Musters

Project Manager

Joost Musters is Project Manager at Zoncoalitie. With his experience in the realization of commercial solar power projects but also in business development, he has all the qualities to deliver turnkey projects for our customers. His experience in the green energy sector goes hand in hand with his enthusiasm for sustainability. With his eye for operational efficiency, he is an asset to Team Zoncoalitie.

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