Part of the independent platform is the association of Zoncoalitie. The association’s purpose is to stimulate the market for solar energy, as well as generating potential clients for its members. Zoncoalitie arranges the SDE+ subsidy application, the technical feasibility study and gives independent advice on the decision for the deal structure. A detailed explanation of the methodology can be found here.


Subsequently, a tender will be addressed to the members of the association. These members consist exclusively of solar energy companies. At the moment 25 solar energy companies have registered with the association. Comparable offers from the members are returned to Zoncoalitie, and the client can choose the most suitable provider.


Zoncoalitie informs real estate owners about the various possibilities and advantages of solar, and only solicits tenders from its members for roofs that are suitable for the installation of solar panels. In other words: a win-win situation for both solar energy company and real estate owner!


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Are you interested in becoming a member of the association of Zoncoalitie?

Below you will find an overview of the current members. Is your company a certified solar energy company or installer and are you interested in finding out more about the association of Zoncoalitie? Please contact us.

Quality labels

Installers who are members of the association of Zoncoalitie are affiliated with solar power quality labels VCA/EBN and InstallQ (Merger of Sterkin en KvINL). Zonnekeur is another quality label that many members have. In addition, most of them are members of branch organizations such as Holland Solar and Techniek Nederland. These quality labels with their associated quality standards and minimum guarantee periods provide customers with insight into the quality of the solar installations and the underlying electrical design in accordance with Dutch industry standards for electrical installations such as the NEN1010, so they also meet the quality requirements of insurance companies and financiers.


VCA/EBN is a Dutch branch standard for project managers and installers with a focus on the safety, health and environmental activities. This compliance is tested by the EBN research bureau by means of regulations and a periodic check on compliance. Read more information here.


InstallQ is a merger of KvINL (‘Quality for Installations Netherlands’) and Sterkin. This Dutch quality label for installers supervises the quality of the technical (solar) installations supplied. As part of this quality label, installers guarantee, among other things, that their installations and designs comply with all the requirements of the Buildings Decree. Read more information here.

Overview of energy companies that are affiliated with the association of Zoncoalitie:

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Amstelius

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Rooftop Energy

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Solnet

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Beter Duurzaam

Vereniging Zoncoalitie

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Greenchoice

Vereniging Zoncoalitie SolarGreenPoint

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Zon&co

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Devcon

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Ecostroom

Vereniging Zoncoalitie JansZon

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Solaris Industria

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Sunforce

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Zonnefabriek

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Engie

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Solarpartners

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Switch Energy

Vereniging Zoncoalitie Zuiderlicht