“What are the costs and what are the returns?”


“Can my property roof carry solar panels?”


“Do I have to increase my grid connection?”


“Do I have to accept any encumbrances?”


“Can I charge solar through services costs?”


“Are there light weight solar solutions for my roof?”


“How do I manage maintenance? How often?”


“Can I force a tenant to accept costs as a result of solar?”


“What are realistic returns for solar?”


“What does solar mean for property valuation?”


“What happens if I haven’t installed solar after 2023?”


“Can I refinance my property more efficiently as a result of solar?”



The Solar Coalition

Every large roof without solar panels is a missed opportunity. The Solar Coalition is a coalition of installation companies, suppliers, and energy cooperations that want to change that. Even if you cannot invest or do not want to, we have options to realize solar on your roof. For you, or for other users. We provide tailor made advice for solar solutions that best fit your situation, needs and desires. With us you are guaranteed of:

Independent consulting at no charge

Applications for SDE and other subsidies

4 quick steps to comparing quotes

The largest diversity of solar suppliers in the Dutch market

Market conformity

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Selection of accomplishments

Additionally, we have applied for 70 MW of SDE+ subsidies.

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Large Scale Property Owners

What are the advantages of solar on commercial real estate?

Higher direct return on your portfolio

Higher property valuation

Cheaper refinancing opportunities

Lower energy costs, improved energy label

You are taking responsibility for a cleaner world by utilising idle capacity

Why start building solar ASAP?

Unsustainable real estate is harder to refinance

Unsustainable real estate has lower direct returns

Authorities will enforce environmental laws more strictly

Every day of unused solar-energy are untapped financial returns

Financially and societally illogical to wait

How does it work?

4 quick steps towards high quality quotes from the right suppliers

1. Inform

We will inform you about the possibilities and select options that best fit your property needs. We will point out all the advantages that solar has with regard to your portfolio

2. Subsidy applications

For solar on larger commercial property (+15k Wp) you will need an SDE subsidy grant to make solar financially feasible. By providing us with a signed POA form you will enable us to take care of grant applications for you

3. Project preparation

We take a leading role in collecting all the documents that are imperative for suppliers to base an accurate quote on. This includes all Due Diligence aspects such as checks on roof quality, construction carrying weight capacity, energy consumption profile of relevant property, grid connection and extension details, legal and financial advice

4. Matching

You will have your ducks in a row when it comes to understanding your property in relation to solar. This means you are well equipped to accurately review quotes, negotiate with various suppliers that are able to build the envisaged solar production facilities on your property, and pick the best option

Interested? Contact us POA form
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Onze fee bestaat uit een paar procent van de totale offerte, die betaald wordt door de intallateur. Dit omdat wij alle voorwerk hebben gedaan, ligt de focus op ieder zijn specialiteit.

Our success fee

Our model

After having mediated successfully, we will charge a fee to the supplier that closes a contract with the property owner. The succes fee is based on the installed amount of Watts and translates to approximately a small percentage of the turn-key system cost.

As a result of the work the Solar Coalition provides, property owners are better prepared, and therefore incur less costs, when investing in solar. We apply for SDE subsidy grants and other possible grants. We have no preference or incentive regarding which supplier, type of solar panel, investment structure, etc. is chosen. Our concern is that property managers are educated on the advantages of solar energy and that they are introduced to suppliers that exactly fit their needs. Our objective is to accelerate the energy transition where possible.

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22 suppliers of various solar energy products have joined the Solar Coalition in our open organisation, with whom we can offer any possible type or structure at market rates. Refer to the logo’s in order to see what parties have joined the coalition.


In 2018 we expect to welcome various new solar suppliers to the coalition. It is important to emphasize that all companies active in solar can join the coalition. The rules for entering are explained in our Articles of Association and our Coalition Rules (see below, and contact us for a translated version). Interested in becoming a member? Please contact us

Become a member Articles of Association Coalition Rules
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Questions? Interested? Become a member? Contact us through the contact form or directly: