Complete and streamlined arrangement of your solar roof 

Realise solar panels on your business premises with our expertise and independent advice. Together with us, you can determine the feasibility and find the best offer from more than 20 affiliated providers. This way, you can generate power from the sun without hassle.


A full service partnership for your solar roof

Zoncoalitie has supported more than 500 projects. This is how we do it:


1. Business case per location

We compare different commercial structures for your real estate situation. This way, you can be sure you will get the most out of it.


2. Technical study

Our experts investigate all technical aspects so you are not confronted with surprises. We develop this into a programme of requirements.


3. Matching via our portal

The tender runs via our portal with affiliated providers, thus guaranteeing our independence.


4. Realisation and delivery

Strict project management ensures that deadlines are met and a certified and insured solar roof is delivered.


5. Asset management

After installation, better understand your solar roof(s) through ongoing analytics. Easily gain insight into the performance of your installation.

Together with over 500 clients, we make solar roofs the norm

When can we use your roof for green energy?

Benefit from our expertise


Information in one place

With our portal, we offer all information about your property in one place. Thanks to a standardised way of working, we include lessons learned from the hundreds of projects we have already implemented in the development of your solar roof. As a result, you will never miss a detail.


Always independent

Select the party with the offer that best suits your needs. With more than 20 affiliated providers, you never pay too much. Compare price and quality, but also provider experience. This way, you will always make a well-informed decision.


Meticulous project management

Our approach saves you time and money. Together with us, you monitor the progress of your project in our portal. This way, you keep an overview and you always know what the next step is. Our experts are always ready to help you.

We connect you to the most suitable providers

Clarity and competition lead to the best offer for your solar power installation.
In addition, you have complete freedom to suggest your own providers to participate in the quotation (tender) and matching process.

From subsidy to realisation

We make large commercial and public roofs sustainable throughout the Netherlands.

Nissan Amsterdam

Reason and need

To date, the Nissan distribution centre roof is the largest solar roof in the Randstad. The property made its roof in the port of Amsterdam available to households that do not have a (suitable) roof for solar panels themselves.

Our support

Together with Nissan, Zoncoalitie looked at the possibilities and what was technically possible. We also looked at the best financial construction for producing solar energy.

solar-panels-icon  8911 solar panels

power-icon 3000 kWp of power output

Union Container Services


Union Container Services is located on the CoDo site in Amsterdam North. Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, Zoncoalitie has rolled out an area-based approach. This means that entrepreneurs can have Zoncoalitie carry out project reporting at the municipality's expense. Union Container Services accepted this offer with both hands.  

Our support and solution

From SDE application to realisation, Zoncoalitie was involved in the project from beginning to end. Besides the SDE subsidy, the Sustainability Fund was also used. During this process, Zoncoalitie supported in strengthening the roof. In this way, a high-quality system is easily achieved. The knowledge and experience of Zoncoalitie guarantees this. 

solar-panels-icon 624 solar panels

power-icon 250 kWp of power output

Fire station Amstelveen

Reason and need

Fire station Amstelveen was one of the seven properties where Zoncoalitie supported the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade in making it more sustainable. Each station was equipped with an appropriate PV system.

Our support and solution

Zoncoalitie provided the subsidy application and technical feasibility studies for the various fire stations. We also advised the Amsterdam fire brigade on the possible financial constructions of producing solar energy. We then looked together at the requirements for the various PV installations and were able to make a targeted request to our members (providers of solar energy). Ultimately, we were able to successfully link Janszon to the Amsterdam fire department to realize the solar power project.

solar-panels-icon 289 solar panels

power-icon 116 kWp of power output

Property scan

How much can the roof of your commercial property yield?

verified_user-50px@1x Transform your roof into a solar roof

verified_user-50px@1x We arrange everything from subsidy to operational management

verified_user-50px@1x Rely on our expertise – already more than 30MWp generated

verified_user-50px@1x Overview during the entire process with the Zoncoalitie portal

verified_user-50px@1x 70% of subsidies remain untouched - with us, it's all taken care of


Want to know how much return your roof can provide?


Zoncoalitie beheer

Zoncoalitie Beheer is in 2020 gevormd als spin-off van het Zoncoalitie projectbureau.  Zo zorgen we ervoor dat het rendement van de installatie optimaal blijft, ook in de toekomst.


5 tips voor zonne-energie op vastgoed

Overweegt u een zonnestroomproject op uw dak te realiseren? Zonnepanelen zijn altijd een goede add-on investment, zo zegt algemeen-directeur Alex Muhring van Zoncoalitie.


Samenwerking BDO – Zoncoalitie

Zoncoalitie en BDO Nederland hebben hun expertise gebundeld.  Samen helpen zij vastgoed eigenaren hun zonnestroomproject optimaal in te richten vanuit fiscaal en financieel perspectief.


Zonnedaken voor Makro

Makro heeft een grote zonnecentrale in gebruik genomen. Een feestelijk moment dat werd gevierd op het dak van Makro Duiven. Op nog 4 andere daken wordt druk gebouwd.