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Technical Report

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When determining the feasibility of the project, we include all aspects and stakeholders of the property. This is how we arrive at a complete technical report. In this we take into account, for example, grid congestion, the requirements of the property insurer, the lifespan of roofing, structural safety and integration with existing installations in the building. This report in the portal prevents surprises later.

Scenario model

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Fed by results from the technical report, you have a concrete forecast of generation, savings, and revenues. Thanks to our smart scenario engine and the years of experience of our project developers, you always know the impact of the choices you make during the process.

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What makes Zoncoalitie so special: we have no preference for a particular supplier or operating structure. We do have a preference for good prices, unparalleled transparency and efficiency. So you know with certainty that you always choose the best business case. You are now ready to tender your project.

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the feasibility

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'Because of Zoncoalitie's guidance, everything is 
taken care of from A to Z' - Ruud Kortink (Union CS)

These components are addressed in the feasibility study:




Construction report


Grid congestion


Grid integration




Possible adjustments

Assistance from subsidy to realization

Zoncoalitie has realized more than 110MWp by making large commercial rooftops more sustainable throughout the Netherlands.

Take a look at Union Container Services


Union Container Services is located on the CoDo site in Amsterdam North. Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, Zoncoalitie has rolled out an area-based approach. This means that entrepreneurs can have the project reporting done by Zoncoalitie at the municipality's expense. Union Container Services grabbed this offer with both hands.

Our support and solution

From SDE application to realization, Zoncoalitie was involved in the project from start to finish. In addition to the SDE subsidy, an appeal was made to the Sustainability Fund. In this process, Zoncoalitie also supported in strengthening the roof. In this way, a high-quality system was easily realized. The knowledge and experience of Zoncoalitie guarantees this.


solar-panels-icon  624 solar panels

power-icon 250 kWp of capacity

Take a look at Kazerne Amstelveen

Reason and need

Fire Station Amstelveen was one of seven properties where Zoncoalitie supported the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department in becoming more sustainable. Each station was equipped with an appropriate PV system.


Our support and solution

Zoncoalitie provided the grant application and technical feasibility studies for the various fire stations. We also advised Fire Department Amsterdam-Amstelland on the possible financial constructions of producing solar energy. Then we went together to look at the requirements for the various PV installations and based on that we were able to make a targeted request to our members (solar energy providers). Eventually we were able to successfully link Janszon to the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department to realize the solar power project.


solar-panels-icon 289 solar panels

power-icon 116 kWp of capacity

Take a look at Tica Trends & Trade

Reason and need

TICA Venlo is a lifestyle wholesaler in northern Limburg, on the edge of the German border. This 20,000 m² cash-and-carry is located on the Flora Trade Parc. The assortment is tailored to interior design professionals and retailers in the home, gift, garden, fashion and lifestyle sectors. As tenant of this property, TICA has chosen to invest in solar panels itself.

Our support and solution

Zoncoalitie conducted a feasibility study on behalf of TICA Venlo, on the basis of which a targeted search for a suitable implementer of this project could be conducted. The matching process took place on our platform of 25+ solar providers. TICA was quickly linked to Lens, after which the solar installation was successfully realized.


solar-panels-icon 956 solar panels

power-icon 382 kWp of capacity

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