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Solar panel inspection for purchase, sale and lease

This due diligence is specifically designed for properties that already have solar panels on them and where there is an ownership or lease change. Zoncoalition offers a quick risk analysis and financial substantiation that can serve as input in any negotiations.  

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Protect your investment

In what situations is a technical and financial 
risk analysis desirable?

Sale of a building with solar panels

When selling a property, you would like to maximize your indirect yield. It then helps to have your file in good order. You want to prevent the buying party from negotiating over ambiguities. Proving that the solar panels (PV) present are sound can eliminate concerns and therefore be of value. Consider: is all documentation complete? Has the system been recently inspected? Are the commercial agreements with tenant(s) and power company clear? Zoncoalitie can help you well with this, ensuring that you highlight the PV system as a premium. This has a positive impact on pricing in the transaction.  
A quick scan can be done within 5 working days, but if you want us to really showcase the system as a premium, more time is needed. Think of 1 to 3 months, depending on the nature of any problems and completeness of the file.  
Case study from practice: Client A had a PV system under management with us. Party B wanted to buy the property on which this system was located from A. Since B did not want to make a return on the sale of energy for tax reasons, the existing system was immediately the subject of discussion. The first question our client asked was, 'What will it cost to remove the entire system from the roof?'. After giving our answer, we asked the reason for this question. After explaining this to our client, we were able to change the wind by clarifying how the cash flows could also be incorporated into the rent. Because we had clear insight into the performance and had clear guarantees from the installers, the only risk remaining was the number of sunlight hours. Fortunately, that too can be estimated fairly well.  
By giving comfort to the buyer and clearly substantiating the case with a well-organized file, A and B still quickly reached a transaction in which B ultimately even paid a premium for the building as a result of the solar panels. A premium that was quite a bit higher than the original purchase value of the PV system.  

Purchasing a building with solar panels

As an investment manager, you want to know quickly whether a PV system present on a property implies a premium or a liability. That way, you can stipulate at the time of negotiation that any defects or risks are factored into the price. Should more time be needed to estimate the exact defects or risks, we can at least help you make an educated guess. This way you can weigh the materiality yourself and possibly address it in the documentation of the transaction. This way you avoid surprises after the investment has been made.  
Our inspection that can be called at short notice provides substantiated clarity about the expected cash flows and risks. We can then provide support in fixing defects, complementing files or changing legal structures. 

Leasing a building with solar panels to a new tenant

When leasing a property with solar panels to a new tenant who has self-determination over the connection, you can arrange an operating lease or include the installation in the leased property. Then make sure that all the details about the system are clear so that clear agreements can be made with the tenant. Consider proof of past years' production, as well as a log of audits performed from which comfort can be traced.  

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How do we conduct the inspection?

File check: through our standardized process, we know exactly what documentation should be present. With a quick check, we determine what is and is not there and what it costs to make the file complete.  
Visual inspection within 5 days: We understand that time is of the essence in real estate transactions. That's why we conduct our inspection within 5 business days, so you can quickly get an idea of the condition of the system.
Risk analysis including financial valuation: Our inspection gives you a clear impression of possible maximum repair costs or, for example, cash flows expected in the future. This allows you to use substantiated amounts in a negotiation and avoid surprises afterwards. 
Follow-up steps after the baseline measurement: 
We offer concrete follow-up steps to  
  • Make the file complete 
  • Possibly carry out a Scope 12 audit as a baseline measurement 
  • Set up agreements/documentation with tenants, grid operators, energy suppliers, metering companies, etc. 
  • Getting the best agreements from the market with aggregators (energy companies) in case of substantial grid supply  
  • Add energy management systems to apply curtailment (prevent feed-in at negative energy prices) 
  • Create links with any EV chargers, batteries (storage).  
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DHG Roosendaal

Together with DHG Two Zero and Sunprojects, Zoncoalitie has equipped the smartlog distribution center in Roosendaal with 5,336 panels. Together, these panels will generate a capacity of more than 2.3 megawatt peak.  

DHG and Zoncoalitie started the cooperation based on the need to gain good insight into the business case and technical specifications of their solar project.  

DHG Two Zero looks back on the cooperation with satisfaction: 'With Zoncoalitie's transparent approach, we know exactly where we stand in terms of yield, technology and sustainability. And through the independent approach we achieve our goal: qualitative and sustainable real estate.'

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