A full-service partnership for your solar roof

Our approach

We help you realise solar panels on your business premises. With our expertise and independent advice, we'll take care of everything from A to Z. Together with us, you can determine the feasibility of your project and then find the best offer from more than 20 affiliated providers. This way, you’ll generate clean power from the sun without hassle.

Stage 1: Business case per location

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As soon as we receive an application, we start developing a business case for your company. We compare different commercial models for your real estate. This way, you can be sure that you will get the most out of it.

SDE++ subsidy for solar roofs

A subsidy is available for solar panels. If this is interesting for your business case, we can apply for a subsidy on your behalf. This will save you time and complicated procedures as we have standardised the process.

SDE (Dutch for Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie) translates to Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production. With this subsidy, the Dutch government incentivizes the production of renewable energy, such as solar panels. Thanks to this subsidy, entrepreneurs and organisations are able to produce their own clean energy and emit less CO₂.

The SDE++ subsidy makes the realisation of a solar power plant on your company roof or site investment worthy. It greatly enhances the cost-benefit analysis of an investment in solar panels.

Stage 2: Technical study

There is much involved in creating a solar roof on your business premises. Our experts investigate all technical and commercial aspects beforehand so that you are not faced with any surprises. We develop this into a programme of requirements.


Indicative installation plan


Archive research


Structural research


Assessment of roofing construction and roof structure


Tax and legal aspects




Simultaneous production-consumption calculations


Linking opportunities for zero-emission mobility (charging infrastructure) and battery storage

Curious to know if your roof is suitable as a solar roof?

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Stage 3: Matching via our portal

The tender runs via our portal with affiliated providers. This allows us to guarantee independence and make the best match between you and the most suitable provider. By running the tender through us, you’re also sure that you are comparing apples to apples and that all providers meet the requirements from the feasibility study and your needs.

Portal website-2

Multiple invitations to tender

Survey of affiliated providers

Comparison based on award and selection criteria

Stage 4: Realisation and delivery

Once you have a match, the realisation of a solar roof can begin. We guide you in contracting the right party. With a tight project plan and schedule, we ensure that deadlines are met. We also do everything in our power to deliver a certified solar roof quickly and take care of the necessary paperwork.


Monitoring deadlines


Delivery of the solar roof


Registration of the system with CertiQ


Auditing the solar roof


Monitoring and follow-up with the provider

Stage 5: Asset management

Do you want to better understand your solar roof once it's operational? Then the last step is asset management. This provides deep insight and analytics into the performance of your installation. Track the production and sustainability of your solar roof and take care of financial, legal and regulatory administration. We also keep an eye on technological upgrades.

Research shows that these tasks are often overlooked in the strategy and long term planning of solar projects, leading to loss of revenues and long-term operational problems. We offer a solution for our customers to avoid mistakes from the start. This way, you maximize your solar power system.

Asset management  website-1

Financial and technical reporting

O&M coordination and supervision

System optimisation

Tenant and energy supplier management​

Together with over 500 clients, we make solar roofs the norm

When can we use your roof for green energy?

How much can the roof of your commercial property yield?

verified_user-50px@1x Transform a roof of >500m2 into a solar roof

verified_user-50px@1x We arrange everything from subsidy to operational management

verified_user-50px@1x Rely on our expertise – already more than 30MWp generated

verified_user-50px@1x Overview during the entire process with the Zoncoalitie portal

verified_user-50px@1x 70% of subsidies remain untouched - with us, it's all taken care of

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